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Dr. Lutz E. Kraushaar

Imagine …

You are 60+,

but biologically in your early 40s.

You'd be exactly like me, …

robust against the diseases of aging.

Not because of medicine, despite it.

Everybody deserves this chance.

That's why I am here: to popularize the science of robustification.

By helping  health brands and life sciences companies.

My Why

I conceived of functionomics and vasometrix. 

One is the scientific discipline and the other is the tool to uncover

the patterns of functional aging and how to control it.




Development of a functionomics platform.

Grant: KU2991701KJ2

Duration: 2012-2015


Non-invasive arterial functional diagnostic.

Grant: 13GW0216C

Duration: 2017-2020

Vascular Metrics for CVD Risk Exposure.

Grant: PRM_IV_0104

Duration: 2018

(under the EC Horizon 2020 Project)

Open Registry Study



Intelligent Modeling for Prospective Vascular Evaluations

Start 2017

Vasometrix Platform

Sub-Grant: 2018/A18

Duration: 2018-19

(under the EC Horizon 2020 Project; Grant 691556



a disruptive technology with surprising benefits for life sciences companies…

About You

I developed an accurate, rapid, low-cost measure of cardiovascular robustness.

I used available technology for blood pressure measurement to uncover the functionomic profile of the cardiovascular system and translate it into robustness and biological age.

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BPM devices…

to uncover the functionomic profile of the cardiovascular system and translate it into robustness and biological age.

No hardware modifications required.

BPM Manufacturers

Sharpening Risk Prediction…


to uncover at-risk individuals mis-classified by conventional scores as ineligible for preventive interventions. 


Functionomic profiling makes human testing of preventive interventions substantially faster and cheaper.


… and for health services:

Learn how vasometrix may help you translate cutting edge science into uncontested markets.

Impress your members!


With a customized solution for your studio to make your members stay younger for longer.

Fitness Studios

Inspire your audience!


With an attractively renegade stance on chronic health and longevity.

For the

Transform your organization!


Passionate about your health and longevity? Learn how to infect your staff.

Corporate Health

Create an Uncontested



By building robustification into your products.

Health Food Industry

Medicine can not tell you in advance whether a prescribed drug, diet or exercise will help YOU. In fact, medical interventions themselves have become an acknowledged risk factor.

But life is no dress rehearsal.

That's why I made vasometrix to be to aging what a GPS is to a confusing map. It keeps its user on-track to chronic health and a younger self.

what my research says

"…scoring for vascular robustness may serve as a biomarker of vulnerability to CVD risk factor challenges, prognosticating otherwise undetectable elevated risk for premature CVD mortality."


—  Name, Title

I am a renegade scholar.

I challenge the status quo of medical thinking.

About Me

Think Indiana Jones…

…but in health science instead of archaeology.

Doctorate in Health Science (Ger),

MSc. in  Exercise & Nutrition (UK),

Degree in Business Administration (Ger).


Challenge conventional medical thinking; physically allergic to pompous professors and empty suits.


Lived and worked in 5 countries on 3 continents.


Attract funding from top agencies.


Developed the first robustness algorithm, conceived of functionomics, helped develop the 1st arterial avatar.


I live the aging-without-disease quest. Sharing publicly what is possible. For everyone.

role model

My Professional Memberships

Deutsches Netzwerk für Evidenz-basierte Medizin

American College of Sports Medicine

American Heart Association

American Physiological Society

Deutscher Verband für Gesundheitssport & Sporttherapie

Let me know how I can help.

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